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In this article I will tell you something about my job that makes me feel grateful every single time I get to do it. How many times have you met true love? I personally have done it many times. But not only only seeing it, but actually capturing true feelings, learning from other people relationships, witnessing the most intimate and touching moments that two people can show and share, - this is why I love documenting love in it beauty and diversity. I am a lucky person, because my job blesses me with amazing experiences and sometimes it brings me good friends. Just like it happened with Heidy and Ziyad who invited me to shoot their wedding in Mauritius last year. It was a great honor for me to travel so far to document a traditional indian wedding. It was so new, so interesting, but also the guys made me feel very welcomed on this little island and partly I became involved into the event. These pictures are quite personal to me because I got to know these two beautiful people pretty well by that time and I really wanted to capture the real beauty and charm of their Wedding Day.

The wedding took place at a tea farm - a vast territory with tea plantations, a little pond, a forest with orange trees, walking free dears and a gorgeous panorama terrace right on the top. Honestly, it was a dream venue and I fell in love with it straight away.

Before the guests came, we did a photoshoot in these gorgeous (and literally heavy!) outfits and I felt very compassionate to Heidy who could barely move but bravely did everything I asked her. Actually it as still a pleasant session - we were very relaxed, we laughed a lot, made stupid jokes and just had wonderful time before the official ceremony started.

After the ceremony it actually started a dining part and omg I will never forget all those food that were served. I am just not showing you the pictures so you don't get too jealous, but honestly I felt the happiest person to immerse into all those treats and tries delicious specialties of mauritian cuisine. This was one of my most memorable wedding experiences and a short but very important trip to the small island which was shining with love those days. I am endlessly thankful to everyone for their hospitality,kind words, care and love they showed. 

Thank you. And thanks to all my clients who teach me such foundational things as true love, devotion, tolerance, hope, kindness, compassion, trust and patience.  



Verification: 5edafd53fec6adfa