Last October, when it got pretty cold all over Europe, my dearest Julius invited me to join their family holidays in Mallorca. Obviously, I said yes, even though the idea of family holidays scared me to death as it hadn't been many trips like that in my life since I am more of a solo traveller and don't share my travel experiences with many people. Nervous and excited, I accepted the offer as apart from being a new and exciting journey, it was another opportunity to see each other. Here I have to say, that we were in a long distance relationship (we still are, but now the distance is a bit less) and every chance of a meeting was a sip of happiness and adventure, long awaited reunion and relishing every single moment together. I guess, that's why I still clearly remember small details from our escapes and can recall such things as color of the last sunset we met at the harbor, warm wind blowing my hair, laughing together when trying oysters for the first time and taking a slow train ride through one of the little authentic towns of Mallorca. 

So many things happened for the first time on that tiny Spanish island, both good and bad, happy and scary, funny and confusing. The first time I visited real german beach with lots of naked bodies and felt more than embarrassed, the first time I had a real family holiday where we would cook together for dinner and slowly drinking wine under the stars discussing global problems, Russian and German politics, art, food trends, future and sustainable ways of living; the first time I did backflip in the sea with the help of two blond brothers Julius and David and the first time I was doing canyoning during a massive rain chasing our daring international team. The first time I got into a car accident, scared to death, but not for myself, the first time I realized how close were to actual death and the first time I was ready to say out loud how much I loved Julius but he did it first. That first time changed me ever since as from that moment I knew I wouldn't skip on doing things and challenging myself as we are given precious life to live and I would love to use that 'First time' in the future as a privilege, not a given option.  

Some might think that Mallorca offers no more than relaxed holidays, fancy shopping and fine dining if you know the places, but for those who wander it has a little more to unveil. Beautiful wild nature is an essential part of the island who who could have thought there is the largest canyon hidden in the heart of this seemingly transparent and well explored land. We found what we were eagerly searching for - adventures! At the end of summer season the place is rarely visited, moreover, in October it is actually becomes no access area due to high floods and level of water in the canyon. How lucky were those 3 fellas who took a risk to walk through the canyon 2 days before it was officially closed. I say lucky, but I don't really mean it. We wanted to do the full hike and reach so called secret beach, at leas it was our plan. Unfortunately, we forgot to ask weather as it had some very different plans on this. After an hour since we started the walk, the sky became dark grey, we started hearing thunders and in 15 more minutes it started showering like hell. Not to mention, we didn't give up so easy and continued going forward inspired by that moody atmosphere and the feeling of us being the only humans left on Earth doing the most dangerous saving mission. Underestimating - this is the key word for our journey. Soaked in water, injured with cuts, bruises and blisters, we were forced to come back to the starting point. Well, as I always say - it's the journey not the destination matters. We collected enough memories to share and brag about after coming back. What about me personally, I also took a few nice shots for our "life travel book" and now, looking at them, I remember clattering sounds of the rain sharpening rocks, smell of old pines and the strong shoulder of the only man I love by my side, helping me to get out of the dark cold cave and leading us back to the shore when it became sunny and calm again. 


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